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What stationery do I need to purchase for my family?

Stationery lists are now available on our website in readiness for the upcoming school year.  Parents have the option of purchasing online and arranging delivery directly via the college’s stationery supplier or independently sourcing their student’s stationery. 

Ordering online and have your stationery delivered to you via our college stationery supplier:

Parents have the option to order complete stationery packs or select stationery items by visiting the EDSCO website at http://www.edsco.com.au.  Orders must be placed no later than Monday 11th December 2023 to ensure delivery of your stationery by Wednesday 17th January 2024 and to avoid the supplier’s $12 late order fee.

Independently sourcing stationery:

For those parents wishing to order stationery independently, please find the respective year level stationery lists below.   

Updated on October 4, 2023

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