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What are the Primary Campuses after school routines?

  • Parents with Prep students will collect students from their classrooms.
  • Parents with Years 1 to 6 children will negotiate particular collection points with their children.
  • There will be no children on the playground equipment after school (even if parents are present). There is no supervision in playgrounds within the school after the school bell at 2.40pm.
  • A bell will sound at 3.05pm.
  • Any students still in the school grounds after 3.05pm will be directed to the administration area where they will need to be collected by their parents. Parents will be contacted to inform them where to collect their child.
  • Parents and carers must make alternative arrangements if they are collecting their children at a time later than specified above.
  • Supervision is provided for the drop-off/pick-up zone located just off Christine Avenue. This supervision is in place until 3.05pm.
  • For this supervision, students are to wait in the shelter near the playground.
  • The playground, oval and multiple purpose courts are out of bounds from 2.40pm onwards.
  • Parents who use this pick-up zone are asked to use the available car parks or to keep their cars moving through the pick-up zone.
  • Students catching buses at Bridgewater Drive are supervised by staff until 3.20pm
Updated on March 24, 2023

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