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What remote access solutions does my child have access to?

Varsity College students have a range of options when it comes to remote learning. Depending on what subjects they take, this can include:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is used as a face to face collaboration tool allowing teachers and students to directly communicate via web conference. Microsoft Teams also allows teachers to share documents with students.

Students will be automatically subscribed to a team based off their current timetable.

OneNote Class Notebooks

Teachers may choose to share a OneNote Class Notebook with students, providing a platform for students to study at their own pace with access to curriculum relevant for their subjects.

Learning Place (Blackboard & Collaborate Ultra)

Learning Place is an industry standard learning management system. Similar to Class Notebooks, this platform offers teachers the ability to provide curriculum to students in stages. Teachers can also host exams and provide students with assignments relevant to their subjects.

This platform also supports face to face learning via Collaborate Ultra, allowing teachers to host video conferencing sessions with their students.

Masterbooks (OneNote’s stored at school but accessible offline)

Similarly to OneNote Class Notebooks, students are able to open structured OneNotes that are stored on Varsity College servers. Students must open these notebooks on site at Varsity College. Once they have fully synchronised to student laptops they are able to be viewed at home without an Internet connection.

Updated on September 9, 2021

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